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The Bermudez Triangle

Published by Penguin/Razorbill, September 2006

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The Bermudez Triangle are…

Nina Bermudez… who TiVos every episode of Trading Spaces and What Not to Wear because watching people rip down bad decorations, cast aside bad clothes—these things soothe her.

Avery Dekker… who worships Jack Black but has learned to play Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” by heart just so that she can hate it in detail.

Melanie Forrest… (a.k.a. Mel), who inspires guys to develop instantaneous, epic crushes—the kind that cause them to want to iron their clothes and listen to the lyrics of slow songs.

Since coming together at the age of eleven, the Triangle has never been apart. The summer before senior year, however, Nina goes away to a summer program in California. When she returns, she expects to be welcomed back into her friends’ arms with great excitement. Instead, something has changed in the Triangle—Mel and Avery are acting strangely. There are in-jokes Nina doesn’t get, pauses in the conversations that seem to be full of some meaning that she just can’t grasp. She’s suddenly an outsider, and she has no idea why.

Until she wanders into a dressing room and finds Mel and Avery kissing. What exactly do you do when your two best friends in the entire world start dating?

ALA’s Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults,
GLTBQ list
New York Public Library “Books for the Teen Age 2006”
Winter 2004 Book Sense Pick
“Exceptional novel . . . that perceptively reflects . . . real life ambiguities and shades of gray.” - School Library Journal
“Once again, Johnson creates believable, likable characters in very real, contemporary high-school situations, ensuring a place for herself among teen readers. She understands, articulates, and validates their lives.” -Booklist

“Bermudez Triangle is an excellent portrayal of the realistic struggles associated with homosexuality.” -Alan Review

“This honest look at friendship, heterosexual relationships, and homosexual relationships is touching, funny, and poignant. All three girls are very sympathetic yet realistic in their flaws. As the reader follows Nina, Avery, and Melanie through almost a year of their lives, they will gain a greater understanding of the fragile bonds that friends and lovers share.” - Children’s Literature