You guys keep asking for it, so here it is - the Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2014!

This was originally inspired by the Charlie McDonnell video Don’t Break the Chain back in 2012, and it’s a pretty simple idea. Basically, for each calendar that you print out, choose one activity that you want to do every day (or every other day or once a week or whatever you want) and mark off on the calendar every day that you manage to complete it. Eventually, you’ll have such a long chain that you won’t want to skip a day and thus, break the chain.

Download the printable PDFs (this year in color!) in my new blog post. Happy New Year!

Throw a few of these into a binder or staple ‘em together and they’re so useful for kicking ass year round!

I need one of these. It’s such a good idea, and it works.