An amazing post on online bullying


When someone first told me there was a tumblr hate blog about me I didn’t think much of it. I find hate blogs disturbing but they seem to be an unavoidable facet of online life at this juncture. There’s one about pretty much every person and every website, given that they are in any way well…

Cassie is my friend. I’ve watched her go through this. Internet abuse hurts. It really does. It’s made me both irate and puzzled to see this kind of thing go on, because hate blogging and online bullying is a pretty strange thing, when you look at it. There’s speculation on the psychological impulse that causes it … is it due to insecurity? The feeling of anonymity? A thrill impulse? Can people who feel the compulsion to bully online be helped?

And if you’re a victim, do you respond? Ignore? Do you suffer in silence? How do you get help?

It’s becoming a bigger and bigger issue every day. Cassie’s story is one of far too many. But it shows you how online bullying happens to adults too. If you have suffered, you are very much not alone. 

So I reblog my friend’s post, and I hope it helps anyone who is either the victim of bullying … or even if you’ve happened to commit some of these acts yourself. The way to dealing with this is some compassion for everyone, and … I agree with Cassie … no shame if it has happened to you. Big hugs to all who need them.