navigatefreedom asked you:

How am I supposed to motivate myself when I have the wide world of tumblr sitting here?

Dear navigatefreedom,

You are fortuitously named! This might be my shortest answer yet, and perhaps the single most important one I write.

I realize that I said before that software is not the answer. But this may be the ONE CASE where software IS the answer. I strongly suggest downloading a program called Freedom. I own it. Lots of people I know own it. What does it do? It TURNS OFF THE INTERNET for a set period of time. It will ask you, “How long do you want to be off the internet?” And you say, “Sixty minutes.” Or whatever. And then it blocks your internet for that amount of time and you CANNOT TURN IT BACK ON.

Seriously. It’s really good. I recommend it. You can download a trial version for free that works five times. The full version is $10. That’s a very fair price to pay. You’d probably spend that much on three caramel lattes or a thousand rubber bands for your rubber band ball. Try the free version and see if it helps.

Anyway, this is what I do and it works. So there you go!

Switching off now,
Auntie MJ 

UPDATE: The lovely papertimelady has given me the name of a similar FREE program called Self Control.