Conversations with mj

OUT IN THE HALL: *a minor noise*

ZELDA: wwwuuuuf?

MJL It’s okay, Zelda.

ZELDA: wufwufwufWUFWUFwuuufffffWuFFFFwufWUFwuf…

OSCAR: Zelda, it’s okay.


MJ: I got this. See, she loves this noise. *makes funny noise*

ZELDA: wuf? 

ZELDA: *pauses*

ZELDA: *happily runs over*

MJ: See, it always stops her!

ZELDA: *happily chomps down on MJ’s arm*

MJ: And she always bites my arm! I think she thinks that’s a puppy playtime noise and she thinks I’m another puppy and…

OSCAR: Zelda doesn’t bite.

MJ: I know. Weird, right? But look! She stopped barking! I taught her to stop barking!

OSCAR: Actually, you taught her to bite your arm.

MJ: No!

MJ: *thinks*

MJ: *looks at happy puppy attached to arm*

MJ: Wait…

OSCAR: You taught. The dog. To bite. Your arm.

MJ: Wait…

ZELDA: *hangs from arm*

MJ: Wait. Maybe.

OSCAR: Well done.

MJ: But…

ZELDA: *hangs from arm*

OSCAR: You’re going to Tweet this, aren’t you?

MJ: No.

MJ: *goes to Tumblr*