Hey! We're YouCoalition!



You may have heard about this task force working to fight online sexual violence and emotional abuse in places like Eff Yeah Nerdfighters! and a recent video by Hank Green. We know people have been curious about our work and involvement. We’ve finally reached a point where we can be open about what we’re doing and engage the community.

This is the official blog for YouCoalition, a group working closely with Hank, John, and others to make the communities we love a safer place for everyone.

We’ve put all sorts of information about what we’re up to on our blog for your perusing and feedback. Make your voice heard by reblogging with comments, sending us an ask, or tagging posts you want us to see with #Healthy YouTube. Also, be sure to follow our blog to stay in the loop as we move forward.

We’re very, very excited to begin the heavy lifting together.

I’ve been working on this and it’s awesome and run by the right people with the right hearts, and I’m excited to be a part of it! I am also now tracking the tag #youcoalition and #Health YouTube, and of course following this Tumblr. You should too! More soon.