An email I just got.
Maureen - Give your fans another reason to love you more!! We want to create a video of one of the first ever cash mobs in NYC; and we want to pull in a huge crowd to be in the video. It will be a ton of fun; your fans and followers will love coming to shop/dine/play with you - and getting a huge discount to top it off. 
Cash Mobs are a new way people gather in real-time and get discounts anywhere they want - restaurants, clothing stores, bars, movie theaters etc. Its all about harnessing the power of the crowd around you in NY….crowd sourced promotions! Check out the vid: [LINK REMOVED BY ME]. The app is free in the App Store - [LINK REMOVED BY ME].
We would absolutely love to work with you. Let me know if you would be willing to help bring in a crowd. We can also talk about incentives if that is important to you. Also, give me a few names of local businesses (as opposed to national chains) that you go to a lot and we will get all the discounts set up behind the scenes.
Look forward to doing something cool together.
My reply: