Hi Maureen,

As part of our [name of program redacted], [NAME OF COMPANY] is working hard to generate enthusiasm about quality writing by drafting engaging, original posts for blogs like yours. After reviewing your site, I’d like to suggest the topic: Professional Blogging. 

Is it okay for me to send the draft to this email address? 

For your background, [COMPANY] makes an automated online proofreader that finds and explains grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in all types of writing. Because more than 3 million users have submitted their writing to [COMPANY] for proofreading, our team has incredible insight into not only how people are writing, but also what mistakes they’re making. For some examples of past guest posts we’ve written as part of our program, check out the blogs of [SOME PEOPLE].

Please let me know when you can squeeze this post into your blog calendar. Assuming it’s a date range that works for both of us, I’ll send you the article straight away and it’ll be yours to approve or reject. I’m looking forward to your feedback! 


Dear Company,


I am incredibly excited about this opportunity.

First of all, I think you GET me. I can see you did your research. I like people who want to “generate enthusiasm about quality writing” by having a company generate blog posts for me.

Because I love blogs. And quality writing. But writing them? BLERGH! Who wants that? I mean, it’s my job. I am a writer by profession. I know. I KNOW. UGH. But anyway.

So, you looked at my site and thought Professional Blogging was the topic for me. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I guess you’ll tell me what that is? Will that be in the post? 

Furthermore, I was PSYCHED when you said “our team has incredible insight into not only how people are writing, but also what mistakes they’re making.” Preach it. Sometimes it just feels like some content is so tone-deaf, you know? Like people who have NO IDEA who their audience is are just RAMBLING ON to FILL SPACE in order to try to prove that they are “social media experts.” I think you and I are probably on the same page with that term, amirite? 

Anyway, I am replying by blog post (or TUMBLR post, which has no E which is CRAZY, right?) because I LOVE BLOGGING! 

Let’s do this. Let’s turn the internet around. Let’s make magic together. You and me. Forever. YOU AND ME.

With love,