This is a quick note about Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale, the third of the BANE CHRONICLES!
It seems that when the file was sent into the world, there was a formatting error embedded into the file. It was just one error, but it was annoying. We saw your reports of the error and immediately told the publisher, who repaired the problem and re-issued new files. The shiny new file went out right away. So, if you are reading on a Kindle or a Nook, just go back online and update and the file will update. Updates have also been sent to Sony, but apparently it can take more time for them to put new files on their server. We do not think there were any issues with iBook, because…well, because computers are magic and who can understand their ways, I guess?
Please realize that this was not us. (Nor was it copyediting. This was a technical error further down the pipeline.) We don’t want you to get files with technical errors in them. When mistakes happen in the book printing process, it makes authors sad and sometimes leads to us grinding our teeth deep into the night. When you pay us the ultimate compliment of buying and reading our work, we want you to get something in perfect condition. But, the world being an imperfect place, sometimes things go wrong. Pages go missing. Files get corrupted. In all of these cases, you are owed a new and pristine copy, and that is what we will see to it that you get!
But know that it drives us NUTS. Like, it’s the WORST. 
Like I said, the problem is ALREADY FIXED, and THANK YOU for all who told us. We were all over it like a CHEAP SUIT. It was just one error, but that is enough for us to lose hair in big clumps.
ASIDE FROM ALL OF THAT….we are SUPER EXCITED about the Bane Chronicles. There are SEVEN MORE TO GO, and we plot WELL INTO THE NIGHT, rubbing our little hands together in glee.
Please DO let us know what you think of Magnus’s adventures SO FAR.