Sarah Rees Brennan: Rants About Rants About YA


That got very Inception-y. RANTS INSIDE OF RANTS INSIDE OF RANTS INSIDE OF… anyway.

I see a lot of “rants” about YA floating around the Internet and in my real-life bookish existence. I notice some very similar threads that run through these rants to the point that I can pretty…

This is an awesome rant, which I am way into. (It mentions John a lot, in a very funny way. I’ve heard John rant about THIS VERY STUFF, like how women get different covers. PERHAPS YOU HAVE HEARD ME RANT ABOUT THIS AS WELL? It’s possible you have. IT MAY HAVE HAPPENED ONCE OR TWICE.) But there is a lot of good stuff in here to consider. All in all, I LIKE IT.