Some of you may remember that when The Name of the Star came out, I did a thing where anyone who PRE-ORDERED the book from a certain store got a SIGNED book and a PRESENT. Well, this year, I am doing that again for The Madness Underneath. Except BETTER. Because it isn’t just ONE store. You’ll be able to choose from OVER 20 INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES across America. (And one in Canada! So no more international shipping charge, Canada!) 

The deal is very simple. If you pre-order The Madness Underneath from ANY of the stores below, on the day it comes out you will receive A SIGNED BOOK and THE EXCLUSIVE PRE-RELEASE PRESENT. So not only will you have the book in your hot little hands faster than anyone else, that book will be LOVINGLY signed by yours truly, and come with the present.

You’re probably wondering what the present is. I’ll tell you.

Last year, I did a custom designed magnet set. This year, I put on my thinking cap again and tried to come up with something pleasing. I thought and thought, and I finally came up with SEVEN DESIGNS (with the help of Leakycon artist Jordan Edwards, graphic artist Erin Lazak, and manga artist Cassandra Jean).

You get ALL SEVEN of these high-quality vinyl stickers with EVERY BOOK. Here we go. 

#1 I READ, designed by Jordan Edwards


This simple, declarative sticker will tell people what you get up to with your time. Be proud. Tell them you read.

#2 STARE, designed by Jordan Edwardsimage

This sticker was somewhat inevitable. But it’s a good one to have. If you stick it on your computer, it will watch other people in the room as you work, ensuring your privacy and giving you a sense of tremendous well-being.

#3 WEXFORD OFFICIAL LOGO, designed by Jordan Edwards


Make the world think you go to Wexford. Also, there are clues in this sticker.

4. RORY IN FRONT OF WEXFORD by Cassandra Jean


A nice bit of manga to adorn anything you like. 

5. FEAR! designed by Jordan Edwards


A little inspirational quote to keep with you in case you are being chased by murderous ghosts.

6. ON WRITING, designed by Erin Lazak


And my favorite one … the one that really makes this worth it …

7. I SHIP, designed by Jordan Edwards


You need this sticker. Everyone needs this sticker.

The actual sticker is bumper-sticker-sized (this has been scaled down to fit the screen) and is a gorgeous, vivid pink-purple that can be seen from space. Put it across the back of a laptop, on a fridge, on a car … anywhere you need to tell the world that YOU SHIP IT.

So you get ALL of those, plus the signed book. And you support an independent bookstore. And you get the book fast. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Oh, you probably want to know what stores are participating.


Bookends, Winchester, MA

On Twitter: @BookEndsWin

Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge, MA

On Twitter: @HarvardBooks

Blue Willow, Houston, TX 

On Twitter: @BlueWillowBooks

Book People, Austin, TX

On Twitter: @BookPeople

Books of Wonder, NYC, NY

On Twitter: @booksofwonder

 Mrs. Nelson’s, La Verne, CA

On Twitter: @MrsNelsonsBooks

Wellesley Books, Wellesley, MA

On Twitter: @WellesleyBooks

Anderson’s (both stores), Chicago, IL

On Twitter: @AndersonsBkshp

The Kings English, Salt Lake City, UT

On Twitter: @KingsEnglish

Joseph-Beth (all stores), Cincinnati/Cleveland, OH, and Lexington, KY


On Twitter: @JosephBethCincy


On Twitter: @JosephBethCleve


On Twitter: @JosephBethCrestview


On Twitter: @JosephBethLex

Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, GA

On Twitter: @lilshopostories

University Bookstore, Seattle, WA

On Twitter: @ubs_events

Books Inc (most stores), San Francisco, CA

On Twitter: @BooksIncEvents

Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC

On Twitter: @flyleafbook

Oblong Books, in Rhinebeck, NY

On Twitter: @OblongBooks

And in CANADA!

Mabel’s Fables Bookstore, Toronto ON 

On Twitter: @mabelsfables


Q: When does the book come out?

A: In North America, the book comes out on FEBRUARY 26th.

Q: How do I pre-order?

A: Click on whatever store you are interested in! Either order on-line or in store! (If you have any problems, there is website and Twitter info there, and you can talk to the store directly!)

Q: So all I have to do is pre-order with one of these stores and I get a signed book and the gifts? That’s it?

A: Correct.

Q: I live outside of North America! How can I pre-order and get the gifts?

A: You can order with any of these stores, whichever one works best for you!

Q: I am in the UK! I want this! Why don’t you do this there? And when does the book come out in the UK?

A: The book comes out in the UK on March 28th. As for the pre-order gifts, I did attempt to set this up in the UK, but the logistics of doing so were difficult. I am still trying, but at this time, it’s North America only. 

Q: How many can I order?

A: As many as you want! Every book is signed, and every book gets all the gifts.