TODAY'S CONTEST: The Salon des Refusés

HELLO! Would YOU like to win today’s ARC of THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH? Would you like to be the envy of your friends, your neighbors, your neighbors’ friends, the local government, and everyone in a ten mile radius? OF COUSE YOU WOULD. It’s what we all want.

Would YOU like to find out what the SURPRISE ending is? WOULD YOU?

Would YOU like to possess SECRET KNOWLEDGE? Would you?

I think I’ve made my point.

Here is today’s CHALLENGE: FAN ART. I’d like to see your FAN ART. It can be of any of my books, or me, if you do such things (I’ve seen it before). Basically, I’ll accept anything relevant. I’ll even accept things that ARE NOT relevant. This is MY VERSION of the Salon des Refusés.

Some ANSWERS to QUESTIONS you may have.

Q: I don’t draw good. WHAT DO I DO?

A: I don’t see good or bad. I only see ART. I see Marmoset Jesus as a wonderful work. Do the thing that you do, and if what you do is bad art, well, then let’s have that! Make it as BAD as you can! If you do good art, make it as good as you can! Make it ANY WAY YOU WANT TO.

Q: Are there any restrictions to form? Does it have to be a drawing?

A: Hells no! It can be anything you view as ART.

Q: Can I submit more than one ARTWORK?

A: Do what you like. You send it. I’ll look at it.

Q: How will the ARTWORK be judged?

A: I shall select some of the most POTENT works and create an ONLINE GALLERY. The public shall decide.

Q: Where do I SUBMIT my art?

A: Either here on Tumblr or on Twitter. USE THE HASTAG #mjsalon VERY IMPORTANT! This is how I will FIND your art.

Q: How long does this magnificent contest last?

A: 24 hours. You can make some art in that time. At 10am tomorrow, EST, I will begin the REVIEW and the SEARCH for your art. Then I will assemble the gallery. Depending on what comes in, there may even be MULTIPLE PRIZES.