Today’s GHOST POST is a video, explaining one of the principles behind ghostly visions. Have you absolutely, positively seen a transparent figure of a person floating toward you? YOU MAY HAVE. This effect can be caused, by accident or on purpose, by a very real optical effect, known as Pepper’s Ghost.

In this case, the effect is set up in an experimental situation to show you precisely how it works.

For some more ghost photo fun, here’s a whole gallery of ghost images, and their explanations. 

ALSO, if you are not familiar with Derren Brown (the man with the goatee at the start of the video)—please fix that at once. Derren is a very, very famous figure in the UK (and many other places). He is, perhaps, the world’s greatest showman, and much of what he does is create (live and on-stage) many “paranormal” effects. I’ve seen him, live, create psychic abilities in groups of hundreds of people, stop his own heart, produce ghosts, read minds, and much, much more. he does this through stage magic, psychology, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and a variety of techniques—which he will often explain. In television programs, he has taken on and demonstrated the science behind mind reading, seances, hauntings, mind control, alien abduction, faith healing, luck, and many many more. He takes you through these things in detail. And his shows are very, very funny and very, very entertaining. He might be England’s greatest living treasure. He might be the coolest man in the world. 

I seriously suggest you watch everything he’s ever made and go to see him live. At the very least, have a look at his site, which has a very complete list of books on all these subjects.