Why I won't be on Twitter tomorrow

The wonderful Caitlin Moran had an idea, following the Twitter rape threat case this week—a day of #twittersilence. The idea being: imagine the voices you like to listen to dropped out because of threats, because of trolling, because of violent comments.

I’ve had them myself. I’ve talked about things, and been called unspeakable things. Been told to throw myself off a cliff on to sharp rocks. Oh, all sorts.

I’m being silent on behalf of my friend Melissa Anelli as well, who still has no justice in her five year stalking case. Despite FBI involvement for four years. Despite an arrest warrant. Sadly, the New Zealand justice system has done nothing, when a known offender with a known mental illness threatens Melissa (and herself) constantly for five years. Through every means available.

Tomorrow, I’m going to spend the time writing up a story about this case in the hopes that a media outlet will pick it up and run with it.

I’ll talk to you guys again on Monday. (And presumably later, as it is 6pm where I am.)