Here's what I've got coming up! 

The Shadow Cabinet is OUT! It was released on February 10th!

The print version of The Bane Chronicles, the short story collection I wrote with Cassie Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan, appeared in stores on November 11th. It contains a bonus story and illustrations by Cassandra Jean! 

I am at work with Cassie and Sarah AGAIN, and now also with Robin Wasserman, on a NEW set of Mortal Instrument stories called Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy--or, more correctly CITY OF SIMON. (Okay City of Simon is not the real title but it is basically City of Simon.) These stories will focus on Simon Lewis. Anyone paying attention to these matters will know that I have lobbied for such a collection FOREVER and now here they are. YOU'RE WELCOME, SIMON FANS. YOU'RE WELCOME.

In terms of FUTURE BOOKS...I am now working on a new, as-yet-unannounced series. DETAILS ON THIS ARE COMING SOON. BUT I AM EXCITED.

I am also at work on the final Shades of London book and the third Scarlett book. They'll be coming in DUE COURSE and THIS is place where I will post updates! Also, a GREAT WAY to find out about my upcoming projects is to sign up for my newsletter.