ZOMbies vs. unicorns: the children of the revolution

Working abroad for the summer--it can be great. Or you can get stuck on a berry-picking farm on the side of an English road in a house that leaks. So what do you do when the known celebrity in that big house on the hill comes looking for a babysitter for her pack of children? A stack of money to watch a few little kids for the night. Who wouldn't take that job? But what's in that special food? Why are they in that beautifully appointed but completely sealed room? And why do they look so...wrong?

Vacations from Hell: the law of suspects

Rural France--idyllic. Green. Lush. Tiny little frogs hopping around and delicious cheese. And that lovely neighbor who's always gardening and making soup--he's nice. Though he does tell weird stories about the French Revolution and something called "the law of suspects." And this story, it's supposed to make you lose control and kill someone. But that sort of thing doesn't happen, does it? Maybe this is not a question to be asking yourself after you've been told the story...